AiM lives and breath motorsport since 1995.

The journey started with karts, expanding like wildfire in any field of motorsport, passing from Indy to off-road to get to boating and motocross. Sport, engines and data are its mission: creating devices, effective and intuitive to improve vehicle, team and driver performances, also thanks to the development of dedicated software and technical support.

Loggers, GPS, steering wheels, ECUs, PDMs and video cameras are only some of the product lines that AiM goes on widening thanks to its technological background and its experience in the racing world. Research it’s the real core business of the company, that invests a lot in the development of increasingly reliable and performing products and software, boasting in its staff more than 30 specialized engineers that work in team to improve the different aspects of each new device. 

Device creation and assembly is made in its Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) plant. Some production stages (CNC machining, cutting and screen printing of protections, assembly of CMC electronic board and connectors) has been internalized over the years to have a better quality control as well as maximum production flexibility.

Starting from 2004 the company accepted a new challenge: providing stock equipment for the sportiest lines of brands such as Lotus, KTM, BMW, Audi, MV Agusta, Dallara, Noble, Moto Morini.