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Open Systems

OPEN devices are developed to be perfectly integrated into whatever existing data acquisition system via CAN or RS232.

Designed to be compatible with all AiM and not AiM Systems.

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    GPS09c Open

    GPS09c Open is a stand-alone device that can stream, in completely configurable messages, all the GPS data at 25 Hz via CAN or RS232.
    The Pro Open version features also a 100 Hz 6 axis IMU.
    Vehicle with carbon fiber roof or reduced glass surface may limit the GPS signal: the Roof version of AiM GPS09c Open is specifically designed to mount on roof of the vehicle.

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    GT32 Standalone

    GT32 Standalone steering wheel transmit in a freely configurable CAN connection the status of 8 pushbuttons and 3 rotary switches plus more 2 pushbuttons in free contacts connections.

    GT32 Standalone can be connected via CAN to every ECU and masters.

    It features also 2 carbon fiber paddleshifts with a precise magnetic system.

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    ACC2 Open

    ACC2 Open is the compact Analog CAN Converter by AiM

    ACC2 Open manages 4 analog inputs to a max frequency of 200 Hz each and thanks to the dedicated split harness, the managed inputs are: • Thermocouples • Thermoresistances • 0-5 V Signal • 0-12 V Signal

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    K8 Open Keypad

    K8 Open is a compact keypad based on CAN-bus protocol.

    It can be connected through CAN to every external device.

    The keypad is water and dust resistant, and can be installed both inside and outside the cockpit.

    K8 Open Keypad is freely configurable through USB, using the AiM software RaceStudio 3

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    NOTICE - Button inserts and "Open USB" configuration cable sold separately

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